Child Custody



State law mandates that children are entitled to support from both of their parents. When you and your partner no longer share a relationship with each other, you both still have a duty to raise and support the children you brought into this world together. Rather than allow the matter of visitation and child support to become contentious, you can have it settled lawfully in court by retaining an experienced family law attorney to represent you.

Common Situations

1Settling Custodial Issues

The question of who will retain child custody of the kids under 18 may be foremost in your mind and the mind of the other parent. You both may want what is best for the kids. However, you may fee that the children would fare better by living with you.

You can make your case in court and allow a judge to decide what is best for everyone by retaining a family lawyer to take your case. Your lawyer can build a case that supports your claim of being the best custodial parent. By presenting evidence as well as testimony from the children if applicable, your attorney could be instrumental in helping you win your child custody case.

If the judge decides to grant you visitation, however, you want that visitation to be fair and generous. After all, as the other parent in the arrangement, you are entitled to equal access to the children as long as the court deems you to be safe and responsible. Your lawyer can make sure you are granted fair visitation with your children and that you are given your full rights as a parent to raise your kids.

2Settling Support Issues

Regardless of who retains physical custody of the children, both parents are obligated by law to provide financial support for them. If the children live with you, you are entitled to receive child support from the other parent. This support can be used to pay for their housing, food, medical, and other necessary expenses. It will be based on the earnings of the other parent rather than solely on how much you earn and contribute to the children’s support.

If you are ordered to pay support to the other parent, you want the amount to be fair and based on a reasonable amount that you can afford each month. Your lawyer can make sure the court uses the right formula to determine your support payments to the other parent. Your attorney can also petition the court to adjust the amount as the children get older and their financial needs change.

Ending a relationship with the other parent of your children can become a contentious matter if you do not approach it in a responsible manner. When you want to ensure what is best for your children rather than serve your own best interests, you can hire an attorney to represent you in court. Your attorney can build a case that will present your argument and guarantee that the judge will take all of the facts into consideration.

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