MOMENTUM: Mindful Convergence of Fitness & Wellness

Enhance your yoga practice, your fitness, and your mind at MOMENTUM. Our studio and fitness community is a prevention-based home for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of yoga and fitness and their benefits for the body and mind. MOMENTUM is a community-based hot yoga and fitness studio located inside ProMotion Rehab and Sports Medicine. The unique combination of yoga, fitness, and rehabilitation gives our clients access to resources that can’t be found anywhere else in Columbia under one roof. MOMENTUM has a team of 200-500 hour certified yoga instructors and certified personal trainers who can help you enhance your body’s physical capabilities inside the studio and during daily life activities. We are open to the public and offer a warm, welcoming, and judgement-free environment.

For more information on our hot yoga classes, view our class schedule below or through the MindBody app. Personal training options can also be found through the MindBody app or by emailing

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Yoga is a form of exercise with decades of research that supports its use for fitness, injury prevention, and stress relief. Our Instructor-led classes are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis, alike. There is a strong emphasis on breathing and coordinating your breathing with movement. This assists with optimal performance of postures and cardiorespiratory efficiency as you grow in your yoga practice.

In addition, yoga is self-paced and pressure-free. Students are free to move at a pace that is comfortable for them. Yoga is also fantastic for mental health. Practicing yoga assists with managing anxiety, decreasing stress, and can help improve sleep patterns with regular practice. Hot yoga can further benefit individuals by increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage more quickly, aiding in detoxification and digestion, and promoting a prolonged calorie burn for healthy weight maintenance and weight loss.

So, set an intention (or don’t), get ready to sweat a little (or a lot), and join us on your mat at MOMENTUM.

No Pressure. No Judgement. Just Yoga.

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